Are you planning your reopening strategy?SMART LUNCHES IS SERVING!

If you’re concerned about how you will restart your meal program when operations resume, we’d like to help.

Curry Chicken & Veggies

Operating a meal program is more challenging than ever!

Smart Lunches has optimized all of our operations to comply with the new rules so you don’t have to!┬áTake these concerns off your plate and trust Smart Lunches to deliver wholesome, nutritious meals and snacks kids and adults love.

Explore Smart Lunches’ turnkey solutions. Delicious lunch, breakfast and snacks are prepared off-site and delivered fresh daily. Change is easy, seamless and hassle-free – and we can manage these new meal program challenges for you.

Are new guidelines and regulations for serving food at your center adding to the stress of reopening your facility?

Operating a meal program is now more challenging than ever as:

  • CDC and state regulators publish new guidelines and rules for food preparation and serving
  • Infectious disease concerns increase the need to monitor and quickly adapt to changes in cleaning, disinfecting and safety protocols
  • Supply chain disruptions make procurement and menu creation more challenging
  • Economic uncertainties and enrollment fluctuations strain budgeting capabilities and capital planning

Click the button to learn more, download a recent menu, and watch a short video. When you’re ready, there’s a form you can submit to request a call. Our CEO, David Morris, will reach out to you directly to learn more about your situation and see if Smart Lunches might be a good solution.